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International Driving Permit (IDP)

international driving license
For many, seeing the world is the most important thing they can do in their lives. An IDP is recommended if one’s intends to drive while visiting a foreign country. An IDP also called an international permit,” is simpler to obtain than you might imagine. Are you planning a trip abroad that will include a car rental? To legally operate a motor vehicle in this country, you must present a valid international driver’s license. Don’t you agree? To assist you to determine whether or not you need an IDP before driving in a foreign country, we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need below.

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international driving license

Some Pros and Cons of Having an International License

international driving license

Unless you have an encounter with local authorities while driving, no one will know if you are operating a motor vehicle in a country that legally requires an international driving permit without one. There are a lot of people who have driven in other nations and have never been caught. This may tempt you to take a chance and forego obtaining a visa for your international travel. If you're on the fence about doing it, stop and think. If you intend to drive during your trip abroad, you should get an international driving permit. Some of the advantages are as follows. Hurts the likelihood of receiving a fine, if not eliminating it. In many countries, visitors and tourists who want to drive a car must have a legally international driving license validity. A hefty punishment may be imposed if you are stopped by law enforcement and do not have one.

international driving license

Facilitates interaction with municipal bureaucracies. Countries, where English is not the native language, can benefit significantly from this. Your U.S. driver's license information is translated into 10 different languages for an international driving permit (French, Russian, Spanish, English, Chinese, Arabic, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish). This should make dealing with the local authorities easier. Must have for major car rental companies. Are you going on vacation and want to rent a car? If that's so, you should realize that most big car rental companies want to see an international driving license validity as proof of who you are. This is the case even in nations where foreign drivers' licenses don't need to get such a license. Gives one reassurance. The threat of a monetary penalty for engaging in illegal activity can be a source of anxiety for certain people. With an international driver's license in hand, you may relax while on the road in a foreign country, knowing that you are following local regulations.

international driving license

When traveling abroad, you may need a valid international driver's license

The international driver's license and the American Automobile Touring Alliance are the two organizations recognized by the US State Department to grant International Driving Permits . To get an IDP, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's license for at least 6 months after the date your IDP is issued. An IDP is only good for one year and can't be renewed.

The organization Application Procedure for the International Development Program

You can get an application from the company website, so be sure you do that. Basic driver information, such as license class, must be provided on the form. Send in your application along with 2 passport photos, a signed copy of both sides of your driving license, the current $20 application fee, and the shipping and handling price you choose. You can get an overseas driving permit from the company’s international driver's license at any of their retail stores around the United States, or they will mail one to you. Applying in person is preferable because you can get your passport photo taken at the company’s IDP office. Getting an international driver's license has a $20 fee as well. If you are applying by mail and do not need an urgent response (within a few business days), there is no cost for shipping and handling. If you plan on mailing in your application and supporting documents, please remember to sign the back of each passport photo before sending them to a specific international driver's license. You can only pay for a permit you apply for by mail with a money order or check. You can only pay with a credit card in person.

What are the repercussions of not having an international driver's license?

In different nations, this may be treated differently. However, if you cannot provide a valid IDP license together with your driver's license, you may be subject to a fine or even have your vehicle seized. If this happens to you in a rented vehicle, the firm will likely charge you a fee to have the police release the vehicle.

international driving license

To receive an IDP, what do you need to qualify for one?

  • You have to be an indefinite citizen or permanent resident of the United States (Citizenship is not required).
  • You need to be over the age of 18.
  • A DL is issued by a territory or state in the US that is still valid at least six months after the date your IDP license was issued is required.

International Driver's License

International Driving Permit (IDP) refers to a document recognized in over 100 countries that enables its holder to operate a motor vehicle in that country without first obtaining a local driver's license recognized in over 150 countries worldwide. The International Driver's Permit, when combined with a valid national or domestic driver's license, may simplify international communication.

In order to operate a motor vehicle in a foreign country, drivers need an international driving permit (IDP). The A6-sized paper is a respectable white on the inside and a muted grey on the exterior. However, it can only be utilized within a certain time frame and in specific countries. The AIT organizations authorized by their respective governments issue the IDPs via their own networks. Due to the prevalence of fraudulent sites offering fake IDs, the AIT/FIA established a centralized database of legitimate ID-issuing agencies throughout the globe. For the IDP to be legitimate, the applicant must also provide a valid driver's license issued by their home country.


In what situations would you use IDP, and what does it actually involve?

The IDP is a tool that supplements your driver's license by including any additional information that may be requested. As a good analogy, think of it as a translation of your license that has been reviewed and authorized by authorities in the country to which you are traveling. As a result of a treaty signed in 1949 by the United States and other nations, it is able to do so. International Driving Permit (IDP) is a document that permits its bearer to operate an automobile owned by one individual, wherever in the world that recognizes only this kind of license.


What is the purpose of the International Driver's Permit in different countries?

  • A certified translation of your driving license so that the other country's authorities may accept it as valid (English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian, German, Arabic, and French, among others).
  • This document serves as proof that you are legally permitted to operate cars of the kind listed on your IDP.
  • For obvious reasons, it is essential that all drivers obtain their Individual Driver's Permit (IDP) in order to lawfully drive and take part in traffic without risk.

Exactly how does a Foreign Driver's License Look?

In contrast to standard driver's licenses, the IDP follows a different layout. It has a grey cover and white paper inside and is somewhat bigger than a passport. All IDPs must include a translation of the document into one of the official languages of the issuing state on the inside front cover. All applications must be accompanied by a valid driver's license from the applicant's country of residence.

Kind of IDP required is country-specific. It's possible you'll need many types of IDPs if your trip takes you through multiple countries. If your destination is not listed, contact the local embassy to find out more information. Get in touch with the rental vehicle agency in question.


Where can I get a list of countries that recognize international driver's licenses?

Comoros, Algeria, Afghanistan, Angola, Armenia, Argentina, Austrasia, , ,Bahrain, Bahamas,  ,Central African Republic,, ,Belarus, Bangladesh, ,Czech Republic,    ,Benin, Bedizen,  ,Bhutan, ,Bosnia, ,Botswana, ,Bulgaria, ,Bolivia,  ,Brunei,  ,Canada, Cape Verde, ,Burkina Faso, ,Cameroon,  ,Chad, ,Chile, ,Colombia, ,Nigeria, ,Congo,   ,Oman, , ,Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo), ,Egypt,  ,Djibouti, , ,Dominica, Equatorial Guinea, ,El Salvador, Dominican Republic,  ,Eritrea, ,Gabon, ,Ethiopic, Gambia, ,Ghana, ,Georgie, Guadeloupe, ,Guatemala, ,Guinea Bissau, ,Guam,  ,Guinea Republic, ,Haiti, ,Guyana, Honduras, ,Hungary, ,Iceland, ,Hong Kong,  ,India, ,Iran, ,Indonesia,  ,Italy, ,Jordan, ,Japan,  ,Kazakhstan, ,Kiribati, ,Kenya, Korea (South), ,Laos, ,Kuwait, Lebanon, ,Liberia, ,Lesotho, Dibia, ,Macedonia, ,Macao (Macau),  ,Madagascar, ,Malawi, ,Malaysia, ,Madi, ,Mauritania, ,Mauritius, ,Mexico, ,Paraguay,  ,Mozambique, ,Montenegro,  ,Myanmar (Burma), ,Nepal, ,Namibia, New Caledonia, ,Niger, ,Nicaragua, ,Papua New Guinea,  ,Panama, ,Pakistan,  ,Philippines, ,United Arab Emirates ,Portugal, ,Reunion, ,Qatar,  ,Russian Federation, ,Sabah (Malaysia), ,Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, ,Senegal, ,Saudi Arabic, Serbia, ,Sierra Leone, ,Seychelles, Singapore, ,Spain (including Balearic and Canary Isles), ,South Africa,  ,Sri Lanka, , St. Vincent, ,St. Lucid, Sudan, ,Swaziland, ,Surinam,  ,Sweden, ,Taiwan, ,Syria,  ,Tanzania, , ,Togo, ,Thailand ,Trinidad & Tobago, ,Turkey, ,Tunisia, Uganda, , ,Ukraine,  ,USA, ,Yemen, ,UT, Galaxy, ,Zimbabwe, Zambia.


How Long Can an International Driver Maintain U.S. Driving Liberty?

Despite the widespread availability of public transit options, many Americans still depend on their own vehicles. To operate a motor vehicle in the United States, the basic qualification is the possession of a valid driver's license, as is the case in every other country.

However, if you are a foreigner and you don't know the laws and customs of the land, things might get complicated. This article will cover the fundamentals of driving in the United States, including the length of time a foreign license will be valid.


Exploring a new country requires simple, affordable, and reliable transportation. If your area isn't walkable or has no public transportation, you should rent a car. Taxis are handy but costly, so hiring a vehicle is the most cost-effective and flexible alternative for travelers. It's a fun and efficient way to explore a new city and uncover the best sites. While hiring a car is handy, there are things to consider before hitting the road.  Know the local regulations before driving. Check whether your license is valid in the country you're visiting. You may check whether your license is valid in the nation you're going to and if there are any extra requirements by visiting the country's website.

Depending on the type and length of your travel, another country may recognize your license. You may need to pass an exam for municipal permission. Tourist visa holders are unlikely to require a local license. International licenses Your license may not be valid abroad. How do you acquire an international license? There is no such thing as a universal driver's license, but an international driving permit (IDP) may help you meet the standards of other countries.

You'll need an IDP to hire a car or make an insurance claim. IDPs must be sought in the applicant's home country well before foreign travel. Your area motor club or government agency may provide the papers. American Automobile Touring company IDPs need valid US drivers.

In what nations are valid international driver's licenses accepted?

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, international driver's licenses are recognized in 186 different nations. A valid international driving permit may be used in these nations in place of a U.S. driver's license. There are additional countries that recognize U.S. driver's licenses, but only if accompanied by a local translation provided by an international driving permit. Keep in mind that an Inter-American Driving International Permit is required in Brazil and Uruguay rather than an international driver's license. It can be acquired from the same sources as the international driving permit, and it costs the same.

You are free to decide whether or not to obtain an IDP license if doing so is not mandated by the laws of the country(es) to which you are traveling. I was relieved to know that we had some sort of official guarantee in case we were stopped over, got into an accident, or required assistance at the car rental counter while we were driving in Europe.